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Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Welcome to the Special Group in Coaching Psychology. 

Welcome to the Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP). The SGCP supports coaching psychologists, coaches, individual clients and organisations who are interested in learning more about coaching psychology and coaching services.

Our aim is to promote the development of coaching psychology as a professional activity and clarify the benefits of psychological approaches within coaching practice. We are committed to fostering excellence in coaching practice through: research, events, publications, discussion and professional development.

The SGCP is committed to providing easier access to psychological resources to organisations, non-psychologist coaches, as well as individual purchasers of coaching services.

See our on-line list of members of the SGCP who are Chartered Psychologists to enable fast identification of coaching psychologists by post code, experience and a range of other factors. 


The SGCP offers its members many benefits at great value. The cost of membership is just £12.50 per year. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Be part of a dynamic, multi-disciplinary network focussed around our common interest in supporting the achievement of human potential through the provision of coaching psychology services.
  • Receive two regular Coaching Psychology Publications: The Coaching Psychologist (TCP) and The International Coaching Psychology Review (ICPR).
  • Membership delegate rates at SGCP events, tele-events and conferences
  • Attend and present at conferences, symposia and workshops
  • Reduced rates for our members at the Division of Occupational Psychology and Association for Coaching events
  • Be part of an online community of coaching psychologists via the Coaching Psychology Forum
  • The opportunity for our chartered members to advertise training courses at our special member rate
  • Opportunities for non-psychologist coaches to engage with the psychological community of practice
  • Periodic discounts arranged with other related event organisers and publishers 

How to join

The group has two grades of membership: 

  • Full Membership is open to all those Members of The British Psychological Society.

  • Affiliate Membership is open to Contributors (Foreign Affiliates, Affiliates and Student Subscribers) and all Members of the Society who are not eligible for Full Membership of the Group.

To join, please complete the application form & return it back to British Psychological Society, PO Box 87, Oakengates DO, TF3 3WT 

To be a member of the SGCP you must be a member of the Society. Coaches who are not psychologists are welcome to join the SGCP provided they become affiliate members of the Society. An affiliate member of the Socity does not need to have any formal psychological training, but must demonstrate a genuine interest in the theory and practice of psychology. Become an affiliate of the Society 

If you wish to join the Society as a Foreign Affiliate then you need to complete the Application Form for Society Membership.

With the increasing popularity of psychologically grounded techniques for business and personal improvement, professional standards and ethics for all providers of coaching services and especially those with a psychological focus are becoming more important. Members of the SGCP are bound by the Society Code of Conduct, Ethical Principles and Guidelines.

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