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Northern Ireland Branch

Northern Ireland Branch

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Branch of the British Psychological Society.

You will able to find all the latest information for Northern Ireland. Our Northern Ireland Branch, although based in Northern Ireland, supports Society members throughout the whole of Ireland.

We hold regular events and contact members with updates and news all year round. Becoming a part of a branch automatically comes with your membership if you live in the UK. Branches exist for you to meet up and exchange ideas with others in your local geographic area.

When you join the British Psychological Society, you automatically become a regional member.

The Branch has a membership announcement email list to inform members of activities and initiatives that are relevant and specific to our members as well as requests for engagement on topical issues.


By joining the British Psychological Society, there are many benefits which include:

  • The Psychologist 
    A 48-page monthly magazine including articles, book reviews,news, research, updates and a student column.
  • Student Group 
    Automatic membership to the Student Members Group. For more information about the activities of the SMG and the committee members see the link on this page.
  • Discount on books and journals
    A range of books, audio, video and other material is published by the society - there is a free leaflet available.
  • Reduced registration fees
    For attendance at the Annual and London Conference.
  • Access to the Society's library facilities
    The library is housed in the Psychology Library of the University of London and is the largest psychology library in Europe.
  • Appointments Memorandum
    Up to 60 pages of job vacancies every month.

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There are currently 25 members in this group.

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