Scottish Branch

Scottish Branch

Welcome to the Scottish Branch of the British Psychological Society.

The Branch exists to promote and advance Psychology as a whole, but with particular relevance to Scotland. 

We also exist to serve the whole membership in Scotland and that includes the interests or groupings of Psychologists other than those with purely DCP and/or SDEP interests.

Message from the chair...

This is an important year for Scotland – the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup, Independence Referendum are just some of the major events coming up this year. Psychologists are actively engaged in helping to understand and explain the big issues like these as well as helping individuals, families, businesses and communities survive and thrive. It’s hard to imagine any topic beyond the range of psychological interest and expertise.

The role of the Scottish Branch of the British Psychological Society is to help ensure that Psychology as a profession and psychologists as professionals are able to influence these big debates and ensure that our discipline and skills are brought to bear. We work closely with the Chairs of Divisions in Scotland to identify the critical issues facing psychologists in Scotland and ensure that the British Psychological Society’s priorities are translated effectively into our work in Scotland.

Our priorities for the coming year are :

  • Promoting the development of a qualification for psychology teaching in Scotland
  • The BPS Scotland Undergraduate Conference which will be held on 22 March at Napier University. Through the Conference the Society connects out to young psychologists at the early stage of their career, providing personal contacts, skills, and information on being a psychologist – whatever their career destination. 
  • Improving our communication through social media and the website
  • Developing Psychology Hubs across Scotland which bring psychologists working in a local area together to discuss issues of concern
  • Our 2015 AGM and Scientific Meeting

The hard work of the Scottish Branch is done by the Members. Everyone has an active role or project they are developing. If you want to get involved or if you have ideas of what we should be doing, let us know!

Dr Sue Northrop

Email: [email protected]