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London & Home Counties Branch

Welcome to the website of the London & Home Counties (L&HC) Branch of the British Psychological Society.


Message from the chair

Welcome to the website of the London & Home Counties (LHC) Branch of the British Psychological Society.

LHC formed in 2006 and currently has 15,972 members from all over London as well as Canterbury, Tonbridge, St Albans, Luton, Maidstone, Romford, Enfield, Dartford and High Wycombe making us the largest Branch of the BPS. This year was our 10th anniversary and we held a celebration on Wednesday 7 September 2016.

We have an enthusiastic and actively engaged Committee which enables us to many and varied events for the branch. Committee members are allocated specific roles and responsibilities to enable us to provide the support you, the Membership, want and need. 

In addition, we are responsible for meeting the BPS Strategic Goals which are to:

•    Promote the advancement of the knowledge base of psychology and its practice through support for research, education and training
•    Support and develop our members in the field of psychology
•    Maximise the impact of psychology upon policy
•    Increase the visibility of psychology and public awareness of its contribution to society
•    Attract new members and broaden the membership base of the Society

To meet the Goals, we hold events which build engagement and provide opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange, and support continuous professional development for the Membership. Additionally, we are keen to make Psychology accessible to the public and in doing so we hope to bring together members of the public with psychologists from many different backgrounds and career stages.

Each year we hold a variety of career and research talks and can provide support for events that are in line with the Strategic Goals set out above. We welcome suggestions for these from our Members. We also invite your opinion, feedback and involvement to help us provide what you want from the BPS. In addition, the BPS would like to gather evidence about the work being undertaken by its members in support of its Strategic Goals. 

Please get involved! Follow us on Twitter, @BPS_LHC, and FaceBook, and check online for details of BPS LHC Branch events.

Please email me on LONDON&[email protected] with suggestions, issues and evidence.

Best wishes

Prof Carolyn Mair, PhD, CPsychol, FBPsS​