London & Home Counties Branch

London & Home Counties Branch

We are setting up 'Hubs' within the London and Home Counties Branch. Further details can be found under the news section.

Welcome to the website of the London & Home Counties (L&HC) Branch of the British Psychological Society.


Message from the chair

Welcome to the website of the London & Home Counties Branch of the British Psychological Society.

We formed in 2006 and currently have 11,500 members making us the largest Branch of the BPS. Our branch comprises members from all over London as well as Canterbury, Tonbridge, St Albans, Luton, Maidstone, Romford, Enfield, Dartford and High Wycombe.

In May 2013, 14 new committee members were elected. This has led to an increase in the number of events that we organise for the branch.

The committee members have certain roles and responsibilities that they need to fulfill so that we as a Committee are providing what the membership want and need as well as fulfilling the  BPS Strategic Goals.

The goals are:

  • Promote the advancement of the knowledge base of psychology and its practice
  • through support for research, education and training
  • Support and develop our members in the field of psychology
  • Maximise the impact of psychology upon policy
  • Increase the visibility of psychology and public awareness of its contribution to
  • society
  • Attract new members and broaden the membership base of the Society

One of our key aims is to hold events which will build engagement for members within the branch. We aim to provide opportunities for members to network and share knowledge and to support continuous professional development. Additionally, we aim to make Psychology accessible to the public and in doing this we hope to bring together psychologists from many different backgrounds, both students and academics.

We have held a variety of successful talks over the past year such as career talks. We hope to hold more of these in 2015 as well as research talks. We are always happy to hear from members and we welcome any opinion, feedback or involvement so that we can provide you with what you want from the BPS.

We would like to know what kind of issues we can bring up on your behalf with the BPS and we would also like to know what you are doing in your work which is keeping with the strategic goals of the BPS as set out above. The BPS would like to gather evidence about the work being undertaken by its members in support of the goals. Please email me on [email protected] with your suggestions, issues and evidence.


Dr Zenobia Nadirshaw