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Two Facebook groups to consider for DCoP members- please join our online community

Dear all, 
For your information and comments/ potential issues that you think might exist. Since the discussions at strategy meeting, where we talked about raising the profile of CoP to include and involve those contemplating a career in psychology, I've been speaking to Jill (Mytton) who has been an admin of the secret Facebook group (secret= people can’t find it on Facebook unless someone within the group adds them to the group). Our thoughts were to have two groups on Facebook: 

1. Secret group for In training Members and Qualified Members 
The method of joining this group has been changed slightly. As before current members can join colleagues who are either qualified or in-training counselling psychologists to this group and following approval by an admin, they will then be able to see and join in with our discussions. Alternately people can email on [email protected] to ask to join. This inbox will be manned by Jill Mytton and myself. The reason we have this email account is for logistical purpose to do with Facebook privacy settings for a secret group. 
As before a voucher system will be used to verify those wanting to join are in-training or qualified counselling psychologists. 

2. Closed group for those contemplating a career in Psychology
We kept it a closed group (ie. they need approval to join the group), with joining criteria to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the group. Joining criteria are they have to be bps student members or graduate with GBC registration. 
We will ask for membership details and which will be randomly audited now and then. 
This is the link:
​ ​
If you have Facebook please join this group. 
Dr Masrita Ishaq (Communications Lead)

Careers, education and training

Careers information, including snippets on postgraduate psychology, bursaries and research support, is located on the Society's Careers, education and training webpages.

Read more about the DCoP position statement regarding the governmental doctoral loan scheme here.


Route to chartered status

Information on this route appears on our Chartered member webpage.

Accredited courses & training programmes

The Society accredits undergraduate, postgraduate and conversion courses. Information on accredited courses can be found using our Accredited Course Search facility. As of 2015, the following insititutions offer the Counselling Psychology doctorate:  

City University, University of East London, Glasgow Caledonian University, London Metropolitan University, University of Manchester, Metanoia Institute (London), New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling (London), Regent's University London, University of Roehampton,
University of Surrey, University of Teesside, University of the West of England, University of Wolverhampton.

The Society also has a Research Interests Database, which provides direct access to information on the research interests of academics and researchers in psychology in the UK.

Culture, Diversity and Ethnic Minorities
The Division of Counselling Psychology is working hard to ensure that members' receive the best possible training in the area of culture, diversity and ethnic minorities. A proposal that outlines the way these values may be further incorporated into training courses was originally presented to the General Assembly in 2014 but has been recently updated (December 2015). It is now available to download

Help for trainees in Scotland

Some of our Scotland based members are able to assist trainees living in Scotland. They can help out through one - or more - of these roles:

  • Co-ordinator of Training
  • Placement Supervisor
  • Personal Therapist
  • Research Supervisor

Please see our directory for further details.

Other members offer Counselling Psychology services, such as general counselling, professional counselling and supervision.

Details of these can be found on the Directory of Chartered Psychologists and the List of Chartered Members.

Society Awards and Bursaries

The Society offers a variety of Awards and Bursaries. To view the latest awards and prizes that the society is offering, please click here

The Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) - which is funded by the Society - also offers a number of bursaries.

Union Membership

Trainees are eligible to join UNITE at a reduced rate.

Learn more about the work of UNITEs Occupations, professions and Organising Professional Committees.