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Developmental Psychology Section

Joining and benefits

The Developmental Section has the largest section membership in the British Psychology Society and membership continues to offer great value for money. At only £10 per year for full members and £5 for student subscribers, membership offers the following:

  • Reduced fees at the Developmental Section Annual conference.
  • The opportunity to apply for our various funding schemes.
  • A twice yearly newsletter. The Developmental Psychology Forum provides up-to-date information about developmental psychology in the UK, including forthcoming events and members’ views.
  • A national forum for discussion on all aspects of research and professional activities through the section’s annual conference, organised symposia, and electronic mail.

Membership is open to any member of the British Psychological Society and you can download an application form below or contact the British Psychological Society Headquarters in Leicester.

If you are already a member, perhaps you could pass on your copy of the Developmental Psychology Forum to a colleague to let them see what they are missing and encourage them to join.

Please download the membership form and send return it to the Society by post to:

British Psychological Society, PO Box 87, Oakengates DO, TF3 3WT.