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Leah Johnson

Student Member

My name is Leah J Johnson and I am currently studing at the University of Westminster doing the BSC in Cognitive Nueroscience. After my degree I wish to obtain a masters and a PhD in Forensic Psychology.

Michael Johnson

Graduate Member

I have worked as an Organisational Psychologist at Thompson Dunn Ltd.

Rachel Rose Johnson

Chartered Member

A Clinical Psychologist specialising in work with children and families, with a particular focus in work with children of primary school age and younger, I provide psychological assessment, intervention and advice directly to children, young peopl

Sheena Joanne Johnson

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

Dr Sheena Johnson is an Occupational and Chartered Psychologist, and Senior Lecturer at Manchester Business School. She is an active researcher into the topics of stress and health.

Lorraine Johnstone

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

Daniel Jolley

Graduate Member

I'm a third year PhD student at the University of Kent. My research is based around conspiracy theories; specifically exploring some of the consequences associated with holding conspiracy beliefs.

Alice Jones

Chartered Member

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Director of Unit for School and Family Studies
Goldsmiths, University of London