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Kathleen Gayton

Chartered Member

Judith Carol Geddes

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

Annette Gensale CPsychol

Chartered Member

The focus of my work is to enable you to have the best life you can.

Eirini Georgiou

Student Member

[i]Currently graduated in Psychology in University Of Bradford. My ideal career could be related to counselling and psychotherapy. Searching for extra work experience at the moment to combine it with a good degree.

George John Georgiou

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

My research interests are in the areas of:

Problem solving & decision making, incubation effects, insight, creativity, unconscious processing.

Self control, thought suppression, behavioural rebound, repressive coping.

Silvia Gerea

Graduate Member

TEL :07525268333

Roxane Lisa-Ann Gervais

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

As a Chartered and Registered Occupational Psychologist, I have experience in finding solutions to work-related issues. I gained this experience by working in diverse teams and in international environments.

Connie Geyer

Chartered Member