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Eirini Georgiou

Student Member

[i]Currently graduated in Psychology in University Of Bradford. My ideal career could be related to counselling and psychotherapy. Searching for extra work experience at the moment to combine it with a good degree.

George Georgiou

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

George John Georgiou

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

My research interests are in the areas of:

Problem solving & decision making, incubation effects, insight, creativity, unconscious processing.

Self control, thought suppression, behavioural rebound, repressive coping.

Silvia Gerea

Graduate Member

TEL :07525268333

Roxane Lisa-Ann Gervais

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

As a Chartered and Registered Occupational Psychologist, I have experience in finding solutions to work-related issues. I gained this experience by working in diverse teams and in international environments.

Connie Geyer

Chartered Member

Ladan Ghiami

Chartered Member