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Kirsty Kennedy

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Mark John Kennedy

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My research aims to look at various aspects of Attachment Theory and its application, including, but certainly not limited to:

Different methods of measuring inter-personal, adaptive Attachment strategies.

Natalie Kerr

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Selected publications

Kerr, N, Scott, J, & Phillips, M.L. Patterns of attentional deficits & emotional bias in bipolar disorder & major depressive disorder. British Journal of Clinical Psychology 2005,44, 343-356

Robert John Kerr

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Rob Kerr has been living and working in the UAE since 1998. He has been actively involved in teaching, careers counselling, and testing at secondary school and university level and is on the RQTU (Register of Qualifications in Test Use).

Katrina Keverne

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<p>I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, both BPS and HPC registered, specialising in Business Psychology.

Dr Majeed Khader

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Trained in forensic psych at Leicester in 1998-99 (MSc Forensic Psych with Distinction).
Attached to Bramshill Police College (with DCI Tom Trinder). Completed PhD with Prof Rhona Flin at Aberdeen Scotland in 2007.

Hassan Khalil

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Saalim Khan

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