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Grace Day

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Kelly Michelle Day

Graduate Member

My name is Kelly. I have a BSc in psychology and an MSc in forensic psychology.

Alessandra De Acutis

Chartered Member

I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and a Certified Coach (Acccredited to the International Coaching Federation).

Onno Francesco De Boer

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

Soraya Michelle De Boni

Chartered Member with AFBPsS

Marco Derek De Caro

Graduate Member

BA Specialization Pscyhology. MSc Sport Science (Sport Psychology) graduate student.

Sport psychology consultant. Researcher in sport psychology, cognition, and psycholinguistics.

Johannes Petrus De Jonge

Graduate Member

I am a business psychologist, live in the South of England and work where my clients are.
I set up People Business Psychology Ltd.