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Membership Announcement Lists - Support

Membership announcement email lists are used to inform members of Society activities and initiatives. All announcements are tailored towards members' interests.

This means members can keep up-to-date with the issues that are important to them.

Email announcements also provide members with the chance to inform the Society's strategic aims through surveys and more.

Joining Society email lists is a simple process which happens automatically.

For example, a Division of Counselling Psychology (DCoP) member living in Scotland would automatically join the DCoP, BPS Scotland and DCoP Scotland membership announcement lists.

Note to members:

Your record must include your correct email address. You should also opt-in to receiving emails from the Society.

This means it is important to keep your Society membership record up-to-date - here's how:


How to check or amend your email

To check or amend the email we have for you, follow these instructions - you will need your web login details:

to your website account.

Once signed in, click on 'My Account' and then 'Member Account'. Here you will see your contact details - including your email address.

If you need to amend it, click on 'Change Membership Details', click the appropriate edit option, change your email and then click 'Save Changes'.

If you don’t have a website account, you can register for an account.


Not receiving announcement messages and believe you should?

This could be due to a few reasons:

1. Your email address is incorrect on your membership record.

Your email address is misspelt, out-of-date or even missing from your record. Please see How to check or amend your email.

2. You have opted out of receiving emails from the Society.

To check or amend this, see How to check or amend your email, then under 'Searchable Lists and Mailing Preferences' click edit, then set 'Receive Society information by E-mail?' to 'Yes' and click 'Save'.

3. You're not a member of the member network.

To receive messages from a particular announcement email list you will need to be a member of that particular member network

Information on joining member networks can be found on our Professional & membership groups webpage.

4. You have unsubscribed from a list.

Intentionally or accidentally, you may find that you have unsubscribed from a particular list. Please see How to resubscribe and start receiving messages again.

5. None of the above or still having difficulties?  

Please contact the Member Network Services Team by completing the online query form for membership announcement lists and we will look into this for you.


How to unsubscribe from a specific list

Instructions explaining how to do this can be found at the bottom of every email announcement you receive.


How to resubscribe and start receiving messages again

Please contact the Member Network Services Team by completing the online query form membership announcement lists and we will resolve this for you.