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Graduate Application

Benefits of Graduate membership

  • Confirmation of GBC (Graduate Basis for Chartered membership)  
  • The title ‘MBPsS’
  • Conference & events discounts
  • The Psychologist
  • Free online access to the Society’s academic journals


Annual subscription fee

Once your application is submitted it will be assigned to a colleague from our Membership Team who will be responsible for its processing, they will request the appropriate Society subscription, and any Member Network*, fee(s) if your application is to be approved.

Society Subscription Fees 2017:

  • Standard Graduate membership fee is £134. 
  • If you graduated within the last three years from the qualification giving eligibility for Graduate membership the fee is £67 [Rule 15(i)].
  • If you are a current postgraduate student in the UK and not earning a taxable income the fee is £36 [Rule 15(ii)].

* Each Member Network has its own additonal fee.  You will be charged for each individual network you choose to join as part of the application - please choose only those you're happy to pay for.

Fee information for each can be found at the following page - 


Please note: The Society’s subscription year runs from January to December and future subscription payments are due in January regardless of when you first joined.  A full year’s subscription is always required upon admission to Membership.  If you join between: 

  • Jan – June you will be charged the yearly rate which will all be allocated to this year’s subscription.
  • Jul – Sept you will be charged the yearly rate but half the payment will be carried forward reducing the amount due from you for the following year.
  • Oct – Dec you will be charged the yearly rate but your full payment will be allocated to the following year.

Membership will renew automatically at the end of each calendar year unless you notify the Society in writing (email accepted) that you wish to discontinue membership.  Any balance arising from a change in subscription rates will be due on 1 January immediately following your admission.     


Application fee

Non-Members will need to pay the £21 application fee – this fee is non-refundable. Current Student members of the Society are exempt from the application fee and will not be asked for this payment.


What you need to apply for Graduate membership:

  • Address information
  • Qualification course details (completed and current if applicable)
  • To upload - Degree certificate(s) and/or academic transcript(s).  If applying with international qualification(s) we'll need full transcripts, if originals not in English these should be copies of official translations. 
  • The £21 application fee, if applicable.   

Please try to submit all of the above with your application as this will greatly speed up its processing time - thank you.