The English Institute of Sport (EIS) is organising a residential workshop that could prove beneficial for psychology candidates looking to further their career in

Rebecca Adlington has revealed how psychological help played a big part in enabling her to cope with success.

People with depression and anxiety in London could be set to benefit from exercise and keep-fit sessions thanks to the awarding of Olympic and Para

Whether or not their favoured team or individual wins, fans enjoy the drama and spectacle of sport.

Playing games just for the fun of it could prove beneficial for athletes, new research has found.

Physically fit children appear to be outscoring their less active classmates in academic work.

The mental health of young girls can be boosted by taking part in dance activities.

Exercising more than usual can result in an individual feeling more satisfied with life, new research has suggested.

Depression among sportspeople is gradually becoming less of a stigma as more men and women who play professional sport come forward and share their own battles with mental health problems.

GB Paralympian and 2012 gold medal winner Danielle Brown and Olympic 1500 metre finalist Laura Weightman are two of the top sportspeople to take part in a guest panel session at our joint North East/North West Branch one-day conference, 16 November, at the Ethiad stadium in Manchester.