The reputation of football coaches plays a big part in how players respond to them. That was the finding of research presented last month by Chartered Psychologist Dr Andrew Manley from Leeds Metropolitan University at our Annual Conference in Harrogate.

Playing sport on a regular basis is associated with an improved attention span, new

Football referees are able to cope with the pressures of their role thanks to a belief that they are better at the job than their colleagues, new research has suggested.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has made a grant of £689,150 to the charity Chess in School and Communities to test the impact of teaching chess to primary school pupils.

Women in Britain are somewhat indifferent when it comes to their feelings about sport, new research

New research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council suggests that some girls do not feel comfortable when takin

The day before mixed martial artists compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, they pose with each other in a staged face-off.

The English Institute of Sport (EIS) is organising a residential workshop that could prove beneficial for psychology candidates looking to further their career in

Rebecca Adlington has revealed how psychological help played a big part in enabling her to cope with success.

People with depression and anxiety in London could be set to benefit from exercise and keep-fit sessions thanks to the awarding of Olympic and Para