A sports psychologists forum held in Bolton has focused on research and best practice in the discipline.

World Cup football could be a risk factor for domestic violence, new research has indicated.

Is there anyone lonelier than the dismissed batsman walking back to the pavilion? What does he or she say to themselves to ease the disappointment?

Athletes may be attentive, put in more effort and be persistent in their actions should they hear positive information about the reputation of their coach.

Young, physically active men may be at risk of developing an Adonis Complex because of an obsession with matching society’s idea of the perfect body. That is the conclusion of research presented today, at the Annual Conference of our Division of Health Psychology in Brighton, by Mike Eynon from the University of the West of Scotland.

Gay footballers can now expect to receive more support from young players compared with ten years ago.

St Andrews Links Golf Academy has welcomed its first-ever resident sports psychologist in Dr Paul McCarthy.

Sports fans who are disappointed with their team's performance or result are turning to fatty foods, possibly to make themselves feel better.

The use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) could lead to a person suffering from poor mental health when they are older.

Working with a psychologist has helped Alastair Cook to better understand the mental side of cricket.

The England captain has revealed that working with Chartered Psychologist Mark Bawden had enabled him to look at his performances in a different way.