In sport the margins between success and failure can be minute. Sports performers, coaches and organisations go to great lengths to secure the tiniest advantage over competitors.

For over a century sport psychologists have been intrigued by the idea that you can practise sport with your mind’s eye.

There is a common misconception that young girls cannot physically compete with their male counterparts in sports, it has been suggested.

The emotional wellbeing of athletes could be markedly improved through a new training technique, research has suggested.

Psychology is increasingly being used in top-level football to boost performances and help players cope with the pressure of competing on such a stage.

With the Olympics on the horizon, elite sportsmen and women across Britain are making their final preparations for the biggest sporting event in the world.

Whenever a major televised football tournament takes place, there are suggestions in the media that it may lead to an increase in domestic violence.

Racism continues to cast its ugly shadow over football. As the European Football Championships kick-off today, the British government has advised fans of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent to "take extra care" when in Ukraine, host nation with P

Mentality may be as important as talent when it comes to personal success in sport.

Children from lower income families are being prevented from taking part in sports because of the high costs involved, new research has shown.