Recreational runners are more likely to listen to running shoe recommendations from potentially untrustworthy blogs and fitness store employees than qualified medical experts says a study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology.

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The BPS Division of Sport and Excercise Psychology (DSEP) is holding it's annual conference in Leeds over the next two days (14 to 15 December).

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There are huge benefits to be gained when women and men are given equal opportunities. For example, companies with at least one woman on their board are more successful.

Researchers have argued that penalty shootouts in competitions such as the World Cup are ultimately "psychological" games.

Practising at a particular discipline or activity often helps to improve competence, a new study has concluded.

With the Commonwealth Games under way in Glasgow, psychologists can help explain just what it is that the public finds enticing about big sporting events.

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The final stages of big football tournaments are often dominated by penalty shootouts. And research presented at our Annual Conference a few years ago may just have given the key to success in them.

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Just before the triumph that was the Grand Depart in Yorkshire, our monthly magazine The Psychologist investigated how psychology touches the participants, spectators and volunteers in the Tour de France:

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As Yorkshire awaits the start of the Tour de France, a psychologist is to give a public talk on the psychology behind the event in York on Tuesday 1 July.