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Apr 12
Do psychologists study real-world problems?  A facilitated discussion about the usefulness of psychological practice followed by consideration of the employment issues facing young people in the UK today.
Apr 13
Apply an evidence based practical model & understand how to make engagement and change ‘easy to do’.
Apr 13
The Presence Pyramid offers an experiential approach to build the skill of engagement and connection to build powerful relationships. Timetable
Apr 14
Effective engagement with hard to reach cultural and religious groups and the skills to deliver effective parenting interventions to them
Apr 18
2 day training on cognitive assessment in non-specialist neuropsychology settings for applied psychologists working with children
Apr 19
This workshop covers an approach to one-to-one supervision and a method for peer group supervision. There will be lots of opportunity to apply learning experientially by giving and receiving supervision in pairs and in groups.
Apr 20
This workshop evolved to provide ongoing support for those working as supervisors by providing an open, peer group development forum. Delegates bring their own agendas for further exploration in supervision in groups.
Apr 21
A modern therapeutic technique based in neural science that provides an effective therapy for rapid and permanent resolution of many issues. Timetable
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