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Nov 25
Speakers: Dr Andreas Vossler and Dr Naomi Moller
Nov 27
This workshop will offer researchers who are more used to working within quantitative paradigms some ways, advantages and challenges of combining quantitative methods with qualitative methods to conduct mixed methods research.  Timeta
Nov 30
In this talk I will introduce several areas of Dance Psychology and describe the work of the Dance Psychology Lab. I will describe our work on the relationship between dance and problem solving and on dance and changes in mood/health.
Dec 02
Welcome to Psychology4Graduates 2015! Keynote Speakers: John Amaechi, Amaechi Performance Systems (provisional)Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes, British Psychological Society President
Dec 02
'GOING FOR GOLD'50 Years of Clinical Psychology
Dec 04
You know that motivating your students, ensuring their best in exams and helping them relate their learning to real life can be a challenge.
Dec 07
Workshop overview Workshop 1 (morning session) Working Relationally with People with a Learning Disability(Facilitator: Nicola Massie)
Dec 09
A celebration of a decade of the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest blog
Dec 09
Positive Psychology is an umbrella term for a range of positive psychological constructs that relate to optimal human functioning.  Given the aims and objectives of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology are shared i.e.
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