Well-being: Professional, Political and Clinical Perspectives

Happiness is firmly on the national political agenda; paying more attention to quality of life and well-being rather than wealth has cross party support. Prime Minister Cameron, famous for his ‘Big Society’ idea has even promoted the idea of General Well-Being Index instead of the Gross National Product as a measure of prosperity. The conference aims to explore how Applied Psychologists should respond to this initiative from political, professional and clinical perspectives.

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The conference will begin with Professor Lord Richard Layard, well-known for his research into happiness and in developing IAPT services, who will give us an overview of his findings and his vision for the way forward. Our National DCP Chair, Professor Peter Kinderman, will then offer a political and professional perspective on well-being, building on his successful address to Stormont earlier this year. Dr David Harper, Reader in clinical Psychology, will be providing a critical appraisal of this individualistic approach to happiness.

The afternoon will include a choice of several workshops with more of a clinical focus that should be of interest to people in both the NHS and private practice and across care groups: Bernard Kat, Director of Psynapse (Psychological Services Ltd), will lead a workshop on ‘Centres for Psychological Health, Well-Being and Performance: Being Credible Providers’ which will include how applied psychologists can work effectively within and outside the NHS in developing commercially viable services to promote well-being;  Mary John, Programme director and Senior Lecturer at Surrey University, will offer a workshop on Does 'person centred ' recovery have any relevance in CAMHS?, which will address concepts of recovery, well-being and happiness in children and adolescences; Andrew Papadopoulos, Consultant Clinical Psychologist will lead a workshop on ‘Well Being in Later Life: Models, Measurement and Clinical Implications’, where he will describe a model of well-being in later life and present his new recently published assessment scale for measuring well-being for people over 55. Jan Shepherd, Counselling Psychologist and Jackie Nowell, Psychological Well-being Practitioner will lead a workshop on an ‘Introduction to Positive Psychology in Action’  will be give a summary of the concepts of positive psychology and describe how to set up and deliver positive psychology groups in primary care, with some experiential examples.

This conference will include the DCP's South East Coast Branch AGM.

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Fri, 10/02/2012 (All day)
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