Understanding social bias and its relevance to business psychology – how to measure it and how to manage it

Please note that this workshop has now been cancelled.

Understanding unconscious social bias and how this impacts on how effectively we work with different types of people is critical to any organisational assessment or development programme. With teams becoming increasingly diverse, it is vital to understand how our own preferences impact on how we can work with others, not only colleagues and managers but also customers and suppliers. This Division of Occupational Psychology Learning a Living workshop will provide an introduction to Implicit Association Theory and how it can be utilised in the workplace. It will introduce delegates to Implicitly, the first commercial application of implicit association theory in the assessment of prejudiced beliefs, and the only test to directly assess the risk of these beliefs resulting in discriminatory behaviour. The workshop will raise awareness of the issues surrounding bias and discrimination, and will discuss how and why it is appropriate to assess this in organisations.

Diversity in the workplace is an issue that is becoming more and more important in today’s society, and whilst it is important to realise that we all hold bias of some sort, be it towards our opposite sex or to people older than us for example, it is crucial not to let these biases affect our behaviour in the workplace. Whilst psychometric testing is widely used within organisations, most rely on self-report data. Implicitly measures unconscious associations that we are often not aware of, giving insight into a whole new source of information that has previously been inaccessible in occupational testing. By measuring the speed and accuracy of our information processing, Implicitly can directly assess the risk of someone acting in a discriminatory way. 


09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a 30min break for lunch)
16:30 Workshop ends


This workshop is intended for anyone with an interest in assessment or development of a wide range of business processes and people. This workshop is an introduction to cutting-edge theory and research.

All attendees will be invited to complete an Implicitly test prior to attending.

Learning outcomes and objectives 

On completion of the workshop attendees will

  • have an understanding of what implicit association is, and what implications this theory has in the workplace
  • know how it is possible to measure unconscious social bias effectively and ethically
  • be aware of how to address and manage bias in the workplace
  • gain valuable insight into how psychometrics are developing, and moving beyond ability and personality, given practitioners a wider range of information

Facilitator: Paul Reading 

Paul is Chartered Occupational Psychologist with over 10 years experience across both private and public sectors.  Paul spent several years as an internal consultant within the health service designing and delivering selection and development processes for senior managers and clinicians.  As a Senior Psychologist, Paul provides specialist advice and input across the Hogrefe product range.  A key element of his remit is driving forward the development of new metrics and ensuring high quality training across the product range. 

Thu, 04/10/2012 (All day)
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