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Towards Developing Psychologically Led Acute Services: The Comprehend, Cope and Connect book and the role of the Approved Clinician for Clinical Psychology within the Acute Inpatient Wards

19 April 2018 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
This event is for DCP Faculty of Psychosis and Complex Mental Health members. Registration is required. Please see the Pricing tab for more information.
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The Comprehend, Cope and Connect book (main title: Third Wave Integration for Individuals and Teams) came out in January 2018 and sets out clearly both the ‘spikey diagram’ formulation and how this can be worked with in therapy.

This therapy:

  • Meets people where their distress is
  • Factors in trauma to enable accurate empathy
  •  Offers a proven way to get teams working psychologically
  • Naturally promotes psychology leadership
  •  Is particularly suited to acute service working

The day will:

  • Build on the book content – an opportunity to spread effective psychological work more widely in acute services
  • Hear from services where the model has been effectively embedded
  • Showcase the leadership potential of the Approved Clinician role for psychologists
  • Workshops for participation and discussion around the issues raised in working with service users who present in crisis.

We are inviting members to submit posters for the display to share current work related to the acute and crisis pathway.

Refreshments and lunch is provided.

Please see the programme tab for further information.

The British Psychological Society,
30 Tabernacle Street,

Event Location: 

Speakers will include

  • Isabel Clarke author of Comprehend Cope and Connect (CCC)

  • Selma Ebrahim, Paul Veitch (Approved Clinicians) & Jenny Oates (researcher)

  • Speakers from CCC services: Sean Harper (Edinburgh); Anna Preston (Surrey); Linda Wilkinson & Kate Oldfield (Sheffield); Olwyn Matier (Northern Ireland)

Poster submissions

This is open to members of the Division of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychosis and Complex Mental Health (DCP PMCH) only.

To submit please go to:


Submission deadline is midnight on Sunday 1 April 2018.

PLEASE NOTE that submitting a proposal does not book you a place to attend the conference.  Please also register your attendance below.

Structure for all submissions

The abstract should be 200 - 250 words (maximum 300 words) in length exclusive of title. It should not include references and should be written in either the past or present tense. Abstracts of accepted papers may appear in The Proceedings of the British Psychological Society which are published online.

Abstracts should be structured according to formats, incorporating the indicated headings and information:

  • Objectives: State the primary objective of the paper and the major hypothesis tested or research question posed.
  • Design: Describe the design of the study and the rationale for the procedures adopted (if appropriate.
  • Methods: Describe how participants were selected and number of participants (if documentary data used, state how these were selected), materials employed (if appropriate), methods of data collection and analysis.
  • Results: Include numerical and/or textual data.  This should be kept to a minimum. For qualitative analyses briefly describe your findings (eg, themes, categories, discourses identified).
  • Conclusions: State the conclusions that can be drawn from the study, including theoretical, methodological, or applied/policy implications as appropriate and any key limitations of the study.

Additional requirements for all submissions:

Submissions must also include explicit confirmation that the convenor and authors/co-authors understand and adhere to the Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

You do not need to be a member of the Society to submit a proposal.

Presentations guidelines

Posters should be A1 size (841 mm (h) x 594 mm (w)) and in portrait orientation and should include the name with which you registered for the conference.

Submitting as a group

If you are submitting as group, please complete the online submissions form online only once and put all the names of the presenters on the form. All individuals must also register individually to attend the conference.

Further submission information

Authors of all material submitted must confirm adherence to the British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. For further information please click here.

Who can attend?

This is a free event for members of Division of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychosis and Complex Mental Health (DCP PMCH) only.

Registration information

Clicking on the register button will take you to the BPS online Shop - please sign in using your usual BPS membership number and password.

Once you have signed in, click on this event to register and you should be able to complete the form and add to basket.

If you have any queries regarding this event please contact Member Network Services, quoting 'DCPPMCH-Acute Services-Apr18' at:

Alternatively telephone during office hours on +44 (0) 116 252 9515 stating the name and date of the event.


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