Thinking Under Fire : Understanding Self Destructive Clients and their Impact on Staff Teams

This Workshop aims to help clinicians understand and manage some of  the complexities of working clinically with self  destructive clients and their impact on the functioning of staff teams who manage their care.


09:00 Registration/Tea and Coffee
09:30 Workshop starts
16:30 Workshop ends


We will look at how the self destructive client often communicates what is psychologically too painful or intolerable by evacuating their distress into the therapist and the team. The therapist and the team can run the risk of  getting caught up with these often volatile emotions that the client cannot manage for themselves. We will look at how a closer look at the nature and purpose of these communications from a Psychodynamic Perspective can help professionals to formulate  what may be  ‘unthinkable’ for the client. This can inform  care planning that  reduces the likelihood of an individual and organisational repetition of the  very  difficulties that the client is struggling with.   

Learning outcomes and objectives 

  • Understand some of  the Psychodynamics of self destructive Clients.
  • Learn to Listen Beneath the Surface : How and What is the Client trying to Communicate?
  • Understand  how  Therapists and Teams get caught up  in what is unthinkable for the client?
  • Recovering the capacity to think under fire : Creating a Space to Think and Formulate a Care Plan
  • Helping Clients to  Manage Intolerable Thoughts and Feelings without putting themselves and/or others at risk.

Facilitator: Mr. Narendra Keval CPsychol

Mr Keval has been a senior clinician, supervisor and trainer for over 20 years, having been involved in teaching a range of professionals including both Junior and Senior Clinical Psychologists in the NHS. He also has experience of being a staff group consultant and has an interest in how teams manage very troubled and troubling clients. Mr Keval was involved in teaching on Doctoral Training courses at University College London and University of Herts in the past and more recently co-ordinated and ran Supervisor Training Workshops as well as Post-Qualification Workshops as Clinical Director on the Doctoral Training Program in Clinical Psychology at University of East Anglia. Mr Keval also has international experience of training others, having presented papers at various conferences in Cape Town, South Africa from 2006-2008 and being involved in training both Psychologists and Psychotherapists at several locations such as the University of Western Cape, University of Cape Town, Trauma Centre, Cape Town and the Cape Town Society of Psychotherapists amongst others. He has extensive experience of teaching and training using a Psychodynamic Approach in specific areas of interest and expertise which involves working clinically with self destructive clients, including the effects of this work on staff team dynamics and emotional wellbeing. Narendra also specialises in thinking around issues of ‘race’ and racism from a clinical and organisational perspective. He has professional Qualifications in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, having trained and worked at the Tavistock Clinic, London.        

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Thu, 10/05/2012 (All day)
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