Running a highly successful independent practice

For those considering or embarking on the self-employed route this workshop will help you to focus your thoughts on the key considerations and help you answer important questions such as: How will I know if I’m ready for self-employment? What type of practice will I run? How do I work out my fee?

You will also explore how to market your practice along with the fundamentals of tax, choosing an accountant and record keeping. You will work through a number of business planning questions that will give you the start of a blueprint for running your own successful independent practice.


The Private Practice Route

Important factors to consider
How will you know if you are ready?

Marketing Your Practice

What type of practice will you run?
Generalist or specialist
Who are your likely clients?
You and your business image
Raising your profile
Networking - Referrals - PR - Advertising - Website

Setting Your Fee

Overhead, turnover and profit
Formula to work out the fee you need to be charging
Pitfalls to avoid

The Nuts and Bolts of Business

Choosing an accountant
Tax, VAT and National Insurance
Insurance for all eventualities
Record keeping, Data Protection Invoices, T & C, Getting Paid
Working from home or business premises

Putting it all into Action

Defining your practice vision and mission
Business objectives
Producing a business strategy blueprint and action plan
Deciding on your next step

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  • Review where you are and where you want to be
  • Discover ways to market your practice
  • Establish that your fee reflects your true worth
  • Identify the essentials of running your business
  • Develop a draft blue print springboard point

Facilitator biography: Ken Marshall

Author of ‘Beyond Traditional Training’ (published by Kogan Page) and a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and with many published articles, Ken is highly experienced in designing and delivering effective training programmes to meet organisational needs.

Ken has over 22 years experience in the training and development field, with a number of blue chip organisations such as Grand Metropolitan and Northern Foods.

The ‘Independent Practice’ workshops have been running for a number of years to meet the increasing need created by more people moving across to the self-employed route in their chosen discipline, where Ken can share his 15 years of experience in running his own successful practice.

Booking Information

Workshop fee

BPS Members £130 + VAT

Non-members £195 + VAT

This workshop will appeal to those already working in private practice who wish to gain more advanced insights and skills relating to practice, as well as trainees and those who aim to set up in private practice.

How to register

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Thu, 21/07/2011 (All day)
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