The Rewind Technique for Post Traumatic Stress - Closure Without Disclosure (Dr David Muss)

This course has been approved by the BPS Learning Centre for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).The course is offered by Dr David Muss.

Course information has been provided by Dr David Muss.

If you work with traumatised clients, this may be the most important training you do.


10:00 Registration tea/coffee/biscuits
10:15 Workshop starts
12:30-13:00 (lunch will be provided)
15:00 Workshop ends


The Rewind is an exposure technique which allows the client to process intrusive thoughts and images without having to verbalise any information about the trauma to the therapist.

It has been used by Dr. Muss, the creator of the Rewind for Post Traumatic Stress, to effectively treat individuals and groups surviving road traffic accidents, sexual abuse, rape, assaults ,natural disasters, genocide and many other terrifying events.

The first half of the workshop is spent on the theory of how the Rewind works and its advantages compared to current coping strategies being employed for PTS. This is followed by considering the best way to assess the need for treatment and how to demonstrate whether the outcome of treatment has been successful.There will be a practical demonstration.The second half is practical: every delegate will be given the opportunity of being both therapist and client in groups of three or four at the most.These groups will be in turn be supervised by Dr.Muss and a colleague depending on delegate numbers so that every delegate leaves feeling competent. (For this reason the places are limited to 16).The workshop ends with a questions and answers session.A comprehensive manual on how and when to use the Rewind will be provided.

This workshop programme is suitable for anyone who deals with clients that have been traumatised by surviving or witnessing life threatening events and are consequently suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. The Rewind provides closure as opposed to coping mechanisms.

This event also runs on:

9 March

26 April

11 May

6 September

18 October

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • Competence in using the Rewind Technique
  • When to aim for closure rather than coping
  • Clarity between PostTraumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Facilitator: Dr David Muss

Dr David Muss is Director of the PTSD Unit at the BMI Edgabaston Hospital,Birmingham. For more details, please see the David Muss website.

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Registration for this event (and all other dates) are via Dr David Muss. Please complete and return the booking form with a cheque to: Dr David Muss. The School House, Exhall, Warks B49 6EA.

Fri, 22/06/2012 (All day)
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