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Inspired Thinking Outside The Box - A program to empower psychologists to seize control of their career and command their life

In this current economic climate every industry and profession is under the greatest of pressure. Financial stresses coupled with work challenges have resulted in an ever increasing spiral of loss of morale, heightening stress, falling productivity and for so many an ever diminishing light at the end of an ever lengthening tunnel of despair and frustration.

Professionals are leaving their businesses, their profession and where once they could afford to retire even the latter is being impacted. 

For those in service industries and professions such as healthcare there is the added anguish of having to juggle priorities and resources in an endeavour to maintain a level of service the standards of which are already slipping in general terms. To say it is a time of immense change and challenge is an understatement.


09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts
16:30 Workshop ends


This day will provide psychologists with specific techniques and action strategies to identify what are the real challenges that lie ahead, what to do about them and how to now create a blueprint for successfully overcoming them.

In addition the day will provide key points that will empower psychologists and their teams to achieve more, using less, and achieve greater satisfaction for their team, their clients and ultimately you.

Facilitator: Kirit Pankhania

Founder and Lead Trainer with The Knowledge Corporation

With over 2 decades of managing and leading organisations to achieve spectacular and consistent success often in times of crisis, Kirit has also utilised his skills and experiences to empower world class organisations, in business and academia to plan, create and manage change in ever demanding circumstances. Kirit has presented a series of life changing motivational seminars to the management teams at high profile organisations such as Barclays Capital, GlaxoSmithKline and Goldman Sachs, as well as within Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Yale.

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Fri, 30/11/2012 -
02:00 to 23:59
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