Psychophysiological techniques: measurement and application in sport and exercise psychology.

Participants will have practical experience of a range of techniques used in psychophysiology: TMS, EEG, HRV, EMG, and Eye Movement. The fundamentals of each area will be covered with practical activities to cover the basic protocols for valid use of the equipment. These will include, for example: electrode placement and attachment; EEG signal processing; TMS and analysis of MEPs; heart rate variability assessment; and a range of eye movement metrics. In addition, the importance of instructions and control conditions will be emphasised. Demonstrations of the equipment in sport and exercise research protocols will allow participants to gain experience of their application. Tutors will demonstrate the important procedures for each area and show how the techniques can address important questions relating to some of the mechanisms underpinning sport and exercise interventions. Tutors will make reference to typical interventions (e.g., movement imagery and video-based action observation techniques) to support their examples.

Provisional timetable

09:00 Registration/Tea and Coffee
09:30 Workshop starts (there will be a break for lunch)
16:30 Workshop ends


This workshop is intended for Sport and Exercise Psychologists who are wanting to explore a range of psychophysiological techniques and understand further some of the mechanisms underpinning some of the interventions used in sport and exercise psychology.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • describe the main aspects of psychophysiological techniques demonstrated;
  • explain the underpinning physiology of each of the techniques;
  • demonstrate the basic data collection procedures for each technique; and
  • explain the implications and applications of each of the techniques for the sport and exercise psychologist.

Facilitator: Professor Paul Holmes CPsychol

Paul is Research Director at MMU Cheshire and has taught in Higher Education since 1992. His research interests include motor cognition and the psychophysiology of mental skill training techniques in sport, exercise, and clinical settings; with a special interest in [movement] imagery and action observation. He leads units in cognitive neuroscience and applied sport psychology at MMU and has over 20 years experience working with elite athletes. Paul has travelled extensively to support England and GB Squads, provide coach education and led the management of national sports teams to World, Commonwealth and European Championship success. Paul sits on Editorial Boards of International Journals and collaborates with research colleagues across the World. Paul has been an active runner for 35 years.

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