Personal & professional impact and the implications of working with suicidal patients

The aim of this workshop is to increase professionals’ confidence and awareness of working with suicidal patients. It will provide information about the impact (both personal and professional) and implications of working with suicidal patients.

Provisional timetable
09:30 Registration/tea and coffee
10:00 Workshop starts
12:30-13:00 Lunch
16:30 Workshop ends


Recent research provides evidence that professionals still feel largely unprepared to deal with clients’ suicidality. Lack of preparation and stigma may lead to professionals facing alone and unprepared one of the most challenging events in their professional lives.

The workshop content stems from research (both qualitative and quantitative) conducted with psychiatrists and psychologists who work with this client group. A model has been derived from research using existing dynamic literature on suicidality, which provides a framework for putting professionals’ experiences in context.

Consequently, the aims of the workshop are manifold and include (i) broadening participants’ awareness of past and recent research on the impact of patient suicidality on professionals; (ii) to reflect on the impact of patient suicidality on our practice; (iii) to review ways of coping within and outside the professional setting; and lastly (iv) it touches on legal issues following a patient’s death.

Target audience

The workshop is suitable for all mental health professionals who have worked or may come to work with suicidal patients, in particular patients who may commit a serious suicidal act.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • To broaden participants’ knowledge of past & current research investigating professionals’ experiences of working with suicidal patients
  • To appreciate the personal and professional impact when facing patient suicidality in practice as experienced by professionals
  • To facilitate reflection and also hopefully reduce the stigma often associated with such experiences
  • To increase awareness of ways of coping and support provision used by fellow clinicians
  • To consider the legal impact associated to patient suicidality

Facilitator: Dr Gislene Wolfart CPsychol

Gislene is a Chartered Psychologist and registered Counselling psychologist, working at the Specialist Eating Disorders Service in Buckinghamshire. Gislene has conducted research on mental health professionals’ experiences of working with suicidal patients and is particularly interested in the use of the psychodynamic approach to the treatment of mental health problems.

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