Offender Profiling & Linking Serial Crimes

Investigative Psychology is a field within Forensic Psychology that specifically focuses on how
psychological principles can be applied to the analysis of criminal behaviour. This workshop
will outline the latest scientific research on how patterns of an offender’s behaviour during
crimes can be reliably analysed. A specific emphasis will be put on understanding sub-types
of offenders based on their actions and interactions with victims, and on understanding how
offenders develop and change across their criminal careers, by looking at behavioural
consistency across series of crimes. Participants will specifically benefit from a more indepth
understanding of the psychology behind offending behaviour and the understanding of
how behaviours needs to be evaluated within their context in order to obtain more reliable
and valid interpretation of the meaning of the actions offenders engage in.

Participants will be given practical case study exercises throughout to contextualise the principles discussed. Overall participants should leave the workshop with a fresh look on key concepts relevant to behavioural analysis, and allow for future thinking in relationship to how they can actively
improve and develop their own work practices and understanding of analysing behaviour.


09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a 30min break for lunch)
16:30 Workshop ends


The workshop will benefit a wide range of participants, specifically those working in forensic
psychology, policing and investigations, prisons, in the context of psychology and the legal
system, those working in areas of clinical psychology and assessment and other areas that
deal with analysing behaviour, and interpersonal violence. No pre-requisites are needed.

Learning outcomes and objectives 

  • Receive an overview of the science behind behavioural analysis, and be aware of myths
    vs. facts, and how it has moved from being an art to a new science
  • Gain knowledge of using psychological and behavioural evidence as an investigative
    forensic tool & understand its role in forensic practice, including police work, behavioural
    assessment and the court room
  • Gain an understanding of sub-types of offenders based on victim target and crime scene
    behaviour, and how this differs from a legal and psychological perspective
  • Obtain knowledge of key psychological factors affecting offenders behavioural
    consistency across time, and an analysis of risk assessment and recidivism
  • Be given guidelines of how to write a reliable behavioural evaluation report

Facilitator: Professor Gabrielle Salfati CPsychol

Professor C. Gabrielle Salfati (MSc PhD CPsychol F.IA-IP) is part of the first group of people
that helped establish the field of Investigative Psychology. She has presented and
published widely internationally on behavioural analysis, offender profiling and linking
serial crimes, trains homicide investigators for the Detective Bureau of the New York Police
Department (NYPD), crime analysts for the UK police, and other national, federal and
international police organizations, and has been training psychologists and other legal
professionals on behavioural analysis for over 15 years. She previously directed MSc’s in
Masters programs in Forensic Behavioral Science and as well as Investigative Psychology at
the University of Liverpool. Currently she is based at the City University of New York where
she is the Director of the Investigative Psychology Research Unit, where work is being developed within an international framework through collaboration with major research centers and law enforcement agencies internationally.

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