Mindfulness Based Conversations (MBC), an evidence based approach applying mindfulness to consultation with teachers, parents and children

This workshop is focused on the growing field of Mindfulness Based Approaches. It will explore the theoretical and evidence base for Mindfulness Based Conversations (MBC), give an experiential understanding of mindfulness and will examine the application of mindfulness to consultation with teachers, parents and children and its potential benefits.

Provisional timetable

09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts
12:20-13:00 Lunch
16:30 Workshop ends


This workshop will include a broad introduction to mindfulness to those unfamiliar to the field and a coherent, structured model for the practice of mindfulness in our consultations (MBC) will be  presented with its rationale and potential benefits.

An experiential understanding of mindfulness through a number of exercises that could be used within consultation will be presented. These include brief individual awareness exercises, a paired communication exercise and the use of cognitive defusion metaphors.

 A number of short activities, resources and exercises that can be practically applied to consultation will then be introduced. These comprise of short reflective and attention exercises that can be carried out before, during and after an consultation. Exercises include bringing attention to sensations in the body, looking for mindful prompts within our conversations and identifying personnel triggers that inhibit mindfulness.

Target audience

Educational and clinical psychologists, and all professionals who use consultation in their work (e.g. therapists, teachers, behaviour workers).

Learning outcomes and objectives

Particpants will have

  • a theoretical understanding of mindfulness and its potential benefits to consultation with teachers, parents and children
  • an experiential understanding of mindfulness
  • knowledge of the evidence base for the application of mindfulness to consultation
  • knowledge and understanding of how mindfulness could be practically applied to consultations
  • the skills and necessary resources to apply mindfulness to their future consultations with teachers, parents and children.

Facilitator: Dr Sahaja Davis

Sahaja Davis is a practicing senior practitioner educational psychologist in Leeds. Sahaja is also a member of an international mindfulness research team based at the University of Leeds as well as being a visiting lecturer at the University of Leeds,  Sheffield University and University of Manchester. He has been involved in teaching mindfulness for over fifteen years during which time he has ed a number of retreats, professional courses and contributed to conferences.

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From 14 January 2013:

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How to book:

Registration closes at 12:00 on 6 June 2013. 

Mon, 10/06/2013 (All day)
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