Life Happens: Taking psychological concepts and mindfulness to a public audience

Life happens for better and for worse. The workshop is designed to make the combination of psychological concepts and mindfulness work as accessible as possible to a mainstream audience.  The use of mindfulness is becoming widespread having moved on from wellbeing to gaining a growing place in health, mental health, organisational and educational settings.  This workshop is to develop an interest in professionals in how such concepts can be combined, mainstreamed and passed on to their clients in a variety of settings for use with emotional distress and symptoms associated with physical illness, as well as an approach to life and managing what comes with it.  


09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a 30min break for lunch)
16:30 Workshop ends


Research into the neuroscientific and practical uses of mindfulness work in areas of psychology, medicine and health has gathered significant momentum over the past years.  Whereas much of the evidence was based on outcomes of practical interventions it is now the use of brain imaging  that can provide hard evidence of the effects of mindfulness work.  In the field of psychology, the use of mindfulness has been included in the NICE guidelines for those with recurrent episodes of depression but further work continues to be evidenced in the areas of eating disorders, impulsivity disorders, addictions, pain management, wellbeing, hypertension, heart conditions and in many other fields.   

Delegates are asked to wear comfortable clothing, bring a cardigan and a throw on which you can lie on the floor should you wish to do so for the one practice (alternatively, this can be done sitting in a chair).

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • To provide an opportunity for professionals to consider their belief systems around life, its events and how one manages them.
  • To provide an outline of the biopsychosocial, psychological and mindfulness concepts utilised around the theme of Life Happens.
  • To provide professionals with an integrated and mainstreamed model that they can pass on to their clients.
  • To provide participants with a general knowledge of why such a model can be applied to wellbeing, physical health and emotional distress.
  • To allow participants to experience for themselves some mindfulness practices - scepticism permitted.

Facilitator: Dr Cheryl A Rezek CPsychol

Dr Rezek is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked across a variety of fields over the years such as child and family and adult mental health, forensic/secure mental health, addictions, depression, trauma and hospice. She has developed treatment programmes, headed services and lectured on the doctoral courses at UCL, Royal Holloway and UEL as well as being a Specialist Teaching Unit Organiser and lecturer, examiner and supervisor for many years. Cheryl has trained psychologists and other professionals on a variety of subjects, as well as lectured to the public. She conducted training sessions at Kings College London on mindfulness and addictions, was invited to run a workshop at Wellcome Collection in London on mindfulness and she has presented this workshop topic at Bangor University Centre of Mindfulness Research & Practice Conference April 2011. She has authored a book on the subject and presented it at a number of networking venues and media outlets and has adapted it for public workshops.

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