Incorporating Positive Psychology Ideas and Strategies into Therapy

The workshop will demonstrate how insights and strategies from the field of positive psychology can enhance clinical work.  Although the focus will be on work with adults, reflecting the clinical work of the facilitator, it is suggested that the ideas can be applied to all client groups, including older adults, people with a learning disability, children and adolescents, and patients with physical conditions.

Rather than creating another ‘new approach’ to therapy, the stance is taken that positive psychology is a rich source of ideas and strategies that can be used to enhance clinical work that follows any therapeutic approach, including CBT, systemic and psychodynamic.


09:30 Registration / Tea and Coffee

10:00 Workshop starts

16.30 Workshop ends 


Positive psychology (PP) is a burgeoning field, particularly in the U.S., where leading academics including Martin Seligman and his collaborators at Penn State University, a very active group based at Harvard, and psychologists at a number of other centres, have been involved in intensive research over the past 15 years. This body of research has provided strong evidence that well-being can be enhanced using specific strategies. Such work has led to major developments in several fields, including organisational psychology and ‘life coaching’.

Relatively little attention has been paid, however, to the ways in which this knowledge might be applied within the clinical field (although there have been some papers, and at least one book, on “Positive Therapy”). The facilitator has been incorporating PP strategies into his clinical work (working in adult mental health) for the past 4 years and has developed a number of techniques that have proved highly beneficial and have significantly enhanced the impact of his work with clients. Although the facilitator’s general therapeutic orientation is cognitive –behavioural, he believes that PP can be a rich source of ideas and strategies that may enhance clinical work following a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including CBT, systemic and psychodynamic.

The course will be of interest to Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Clinical Health Psychologists and others (including trainees in these fields).

Learning outcomes and objectives

As a result of attending this course, participants will:

  • Understand how insights and strategies derived from the field of Positive Psychology (PP) can be usefully applied in regular clinical work, to enhance the impact of the therapy
  • Be familiar with a range of such strategies and have sufficient information to be able to incorporate
    them immediately into their practice
  • Appreciate the importance of lifestyle enhancement as a means of sustaining positive change (for example, in cases of anxiety and depression)

Facilitator: Professor Neil Frude FBPsS

Since qualifying from the Institute of Psychiatry in 1970, Neil Frude has worked both clinically and academically. He taught at Cardiff University for 30 years and is now the Clinical Research Director for the South Wales Clinical Psychology Training course as well as working in a Community Mental Health Team and having a private practice. He has facilitated over 100 workshops on a range of topics including various aspects of CBT, anger and violence, and motivational interviewing. In 2003 he devised the “Books on Prescription” strategy that has spread across the U.K. and beyond, and is now a national government-funded scheme in Wales. In recent years Neil has developed a growing interest in positive psychology and, in particular, how insights and strategies from this burgeoning field can be used to enhance therapeutic work in the clinical setting. In presenting workshops in recent years, Neil has been able to draw upon some skills acquired during his brief career as a stand-up comedian in the Edinburgh Festival, 2004.   

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