How to improve your skills in client work: learning to set and use an agenda and learning to set goals to improve therapeutic outcomes

Unfortunatley this event is now cancelled.

This workshop offers continuing professional development to improve the skills of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) in the nationwide IAPT service. Agenda setting and goal setting are not taught as part of the IAPT core training programme and many PWPs find session management a challenge in their client work.

Provisional timetable
09:30 Registration/tea and coffee
10:00 Workshop starts
12:30-13:00 Lunch
16:30 Workshop ends


Learning how to set an agenda, in other words - what to say and how to say it the ‘CBT way’ - is an important skill in  being able to manage sessions with clients. We need to do this to utilise the time available effectively, to keep clients focused and, in keeping with CBT principles, to allow us to be active directive.

In addition, learning how to set goals, agreeing what the client wants to change and helping them to do it the ‘CBT way’ - is another vital skill in being able to work effectively with clients. We need to do this to promote change, avoid ‘therapeutic drift’ and ensure our client work is goal oriented.

Overall, these two components – agenda setting and goal setting - are likely to lead to better therapeutic outcomes for both the client and the Practitioner.

This workshop will focus on helping Practitioners develop and ‘fine tune’ their skills through a combination of teaching methods and provide opportunities for skills practice. Learn how to deliver two important aspects of client work.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • To understand the theory and rationale for agenda setting
  • To learn better practical skills for time management during client work
  • To understand and utilise skills practice in setting a client agenda
  • To appreciate the importance of TIME, CONTROL and FOCUS
  • ‘First aid strategies’ for agenda setters!
  • To understand the theory and rationale for goal setting
  • To relate goal setting to participants own type of client work e.g. self help, telephone or face to face therapy
  • To learn better practical skills for goal setting during client work
  • To understand and utilise skills practice in setting goals
  •  ‘First aid strategies’ for goal setting! (Incompatible goals, non compliance etc)

Facilitator: Lyn Williams

Lyn is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, lecturer and clinical supervisor with a background originally in forensic psychology. She has extensive experience of the IAPT service since its inception in 2008; having taught or advised upon training courses for PWPs at the Universities of Hertfordshire, Essex and Canterbury Christchurch. She has also supervised PWPs at three IAPT services in the voluntary sector and worked contractually within an NHS IAPT Service to offer cognitive therapy to clients at Step 3.

Currently, Lyn has a successful private therapy practice and also continues to work as a lecturer and clinical supervisor. She delivers training and workshops on a range   of clinical subjects such as stress management, anger management and personality disorder. These are offered to a variety of social, healthcare, probation, public and voluntary organisations. In addition, she also works within the business community offering stress management workshops for busy executives.

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Persons eligible for concessionary rates are student members of the Society, graduate members registered under Rule 15.ii (studying in the UK and not subject to income tax), Rule 21 (retired) members, and members who are unemployed. For evidence of unemployment, we will require a copy of your job seekers allowance book.

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