Expert Witness: Presenting Court Room Evidence (Level 3)

This workshop focuses on the importance of expert witness testimony. Presenting evidence in court is the culmination of the work carried out in your role as an expert witness. Attendees are taken through the court process and shown techniques used by the legal profession to undermine testimony so ensuring you are better prepared.


09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts
16:00 Workshop ends


The appearance of the expert witness in court can add credibility or discredit a previously written psychological report. Your reputation as an expert witness will be governed by your ability to present your material and opinions clearly and in a style that fits within the court system. Attendees will learn how to prepare for a court appearance and how to deal with cross examination in the witness box.

The link between the well written legal report and the court appearance will be explored so the participant can feel more confident in this stressful aspect of expert witness work. The course is aimed at both beginners and experienced expert witnesses across all divisions.

It is strongly recommended that those attending this workshop have attended the Level 1 and Level 2 workshops:

  • Expert Witness: Essential Knowledge of Being an Expert Witness (Level 1)
  • Expert Witness: Report Writing (Level 2)
  • Expert Witness: Presenting Court Room Evidence (Level 3)

Learning outcomes and objectives

Participants will:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of being an expert witness
  • Understand how fees are calculated for legal settings
  • Understand what is important for the instructing solicitor (so generating future instructions)
  • Understand the link between a well written report and the expert’s experience in the witness box.


Susan van Scoyoc C Psychol CSci AFBPsS

Susan is a Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist. She is a member of the Division of Counselling Psychology, the Division of Health Psychology, and is a founding member of the Register of Psychologists Specialising in Psychotherapy. Susan is a UK Registered Expert Witness working in areas such as human rights, family law and cognitive testing.

Co-Facilitator: Michael Bird LLB

Michael is a solicitor with extensive experience of the legal profession. Before qualifying as a solicitor he regularly gave evidence in court when working for the police and then moved to the other side of the witness box, instructing expert witnesses in a variety of legal settings.

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