Excellence in Report Writing (Bond Solon)

This course has been approved by the BPS Learning Centre for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The expert’s report is a vital element of much civil litigation, as the vast majority of actions are settled on the report alone. It must be clear, succinct, independent and well presented. However, many experts make up their own report writing style. They rarely receive constructive feedback from lawyers or know precisely what the courts want. Often they adopt other people's generalised formats that are ill suited to their needs.

An excellent report can be the most powerful sales tool you will have in your career as an expert witness. Reports are seen by many professionals during litigation and often new instructions are received from opposition lawyers for future cases.

Excellence in Report Writing allows both new and experienced experts to look at what lawyers and the courts want from experts’ reports. You bring a copy of a report from a completed case in court ready condition and receive feedback from our experienced lawyer trainer and from the other delegates. You are taught how to assess others’ reports and then how to assess your own. Working with our sample format, you create your own personalised format suited to your profession using techniques received during the training.


Key Learning Points

  • Identifying issues
  • Expressing an opinion on the issues
  • Pitching the language at the right level
  • Expressing an independent view and arguing your conclusion
  • Using appendices
  • Setting out your qualifications and experience
  • Including research references
  • Exhibits, photographs, diagrams and plans
  • Developing your own report format
  • The contractual position between expert, solicitor, client and the Legal Services Commission
  • Terms and conditions and experts’ fees
  • Implications of Part 35
  • The Expert’s Declaration
  • Dealing with experts’ meetings

Booking Information

Course Cost: £395 + VAT

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Limited to 14 delegates.



Mon, 05/09/2011 (All day)
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