Excellence in practitioner skills for eating disorders (NCFED)

This course has been approved by the BPS Learning Centre for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The course is offered by the National Centre for Eating Disorders.

Course information has been provided by the National Centre for Eating Disorders.

This is an 8-day training course that will take place on 6-9 October 2011 and 3-6 November 2011.

Eating disorders are present not only among those who declare their symptoms; they are also hidden among people who present for help with other emotional and physical problems. The ability to assist others to regain a healthy relationship with food and thus with themselves, is both a sought after and a highly rewarding skill.

The Course is highly integrative, referencing the skills of CBT, CBT-E and CeBT; motivational & nutritional therapies, mindfulness, NLP, TA and Meridian therapies. There is a variety of learning formats, group presentation, small group exercises, role-plays, diagnostic sessions and practical skill-building work. The strength of the learning lies in knowing which ways to apply these models to the complex issues which underlie eating problems.

This is a hands-on practical training using material based on many real cases.

You will learn how to assess, diagnose and develop a treatment plan for each unique individual. Emphasis is placed on treatment development particularly with regard to utilising and managing plateau's. We provide a fully comprehensive manual and a range of handouts which are useful for your clients.


You will learn

  • Powerful skills and techniques that you can use immediately to treat people with disordered eating and related issues, such as body image problems
  • Through experiential content which will enable you to transform your own relationship with food as well as integrate the taught material
  • How to build and maintain rapport with the client in eating distress - the key to successful therapy.
  • How to motivate and sustain change.
  • How to gather high quality information from your clients and to prioritise the tasks of therapy.
  • How to use this information as a fine-honed diagnostic tool, which will enable you to tailor interventions to each client.
  • How physiological changes perpetuate faulty eating behaviours.
  • How to get quickly to "the core problem" .
  • How to use games and metaphor effectively to bypass defence systems.
  • How to change unwanted behaviours painlessly and permanently.
  • How to understand and deal powerfully with your own food and weight issues so that they will not "get in the way" of your work with clients.
  • How to create your own state of personal excellence.
  • How to have a glorious relationship with food - yourself!
  • How to generate well formed and practical eating and weight outcomes, and how to achieve them in practice.

NCFED Excellence in practitioner skills for eating disorders course information

Who may attend?

All mental health and medical professionals including psychiatrists, doctors and nurses and clinicians working with addictions. Dieticians and nutritionists will also find this course invaluable.


Thu, 06/10/2011 (All day)
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