Essential obesity - psychological approaches (NCFED)

This course has been approved by the BPS Learning Centre for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The course is offered by the National Centre for Eating Disorders.

Course information has been provided by the National Centre for Eating Disorders.

The course covers topics which are pertinent not only to obesity but to health behaviour change in general. We cover the surface issues such as lifestyle, nutrition and activity as well as the many underlying issues in psychology and personality which must be addressed to foster change.

This course is taught largely from the front although there is ample opportunity for group interaction and sharing of expertise. The emphasis of this teaching is on a coaching model rather than one based on emotional pathology.

The teaching covers important aspects of physiology and nutrition; and from a psychological perspective will reference the latest thinking in Cognitive Approaches, Motivational Therapy, Attachment Theory and Health Behaviour Change.


You will learn:

  • The aetiology of obesity in your client
  • How to build a care plan, drawing on all strategies which are available for treatment
  • How to build motivation and commitment
  • The distinction between the demands of therapy for weight loss and maintenance
  • How to foster dietary control
  • Dealing with triggers for overeating
  • Relationships - where they fit in
  • Where psychology, medication, meal replacement plans and surgery may fit into an overall treatment plan
  • How to work with comfort or emotional eating
  • How to work with the overweight person with an eating disorder
  • The specific challenges of obesity "therapy" from the counsellor's perspective

NCFED Essential obesity course information

Who may attend?

All mental health and medical professionals including psychiatrists, doctors and nurses and clinicians working with addictions. Dieticians and nutritionists will also find this course invaluable.


Thu, 16/06/2011 (All day) to Sat, 18/06/2011 (All day)
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