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Jul 26
Event information Fifth in the [email protected] Seminar Series During this Seminar We Will Consider: * What Psychologists know about Work-Life Balance and why “one size doesn’t fit all”.
Jul 27
Speaker Steven Sylvester BSc.(Hons.), MSc. CPsychol, AFBPsSChartered Psychologist in Sport & Business
Jul 27
An evening of networking for Millennial PsychologistsNeed more confidence networking? How to break through the fog of anxiety and uncertainty?
Jul 27
Why do children in poverty in the UK perform less well in school than their middle class peers? This talk examines the problem as it is understood by British politicians and policymakers: as a result of a lack of discipline and aspiration.
Aug 9
Jayne will give a short talk on the role and remit of educational psychologists and the Educational Psychology Service in Jersey.
Aug 19
Workshop aims: Increase understanding of the competencies and skills required to become a confident and reflective agent of change.To understand complexities involved in leadership roles and how effective clinical & profe
Sep 2
The conference will explore the phenomenology and psychology of temporal experience. A sense of the passage of time forms an integral part of much, perhaps all, of our experiences, memories, and our anticipatory action.
Sep 5
Event information The BPS West Midlands Branch is excited to announce that their 2-16 Annual Conference will be held at Birmingham City University in the heart of the city.