DOP Work-Life Balance One Day Event

Work-life balance needs and solutions: A focus on diversity and difference

Work-life balance is of considerable interest to employees, organisations and society. Research findings highlight the negative implications of poor work-life balance for all stakeholders, and the positive impact on employee well-being and job performance of a balance that suits individual needs has been promoted widely.

The working population of the UK is diverse in terms of family structure, culture and age. The role played by diversity and difference in work life balance needs and potential solutions is, however, rarely considered. The focus tends to be placed predominantly on female employees with young children.

This one-day conference aims to present research that has examined work-life balance issues in diverse groups of employees, and consider how this information might inform interventions to enhance the wellbeing of a wider range of employees.

The day will consist of keynote speakers, case studies and discussions around relevent, current topics.


DOP Work-Life Balance One Day Event Programme

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