Diagnosing and Leading Culture Change

Organisation culture is widely recognised as one of the most powerful drivers of business performance, and is arguably one of the most exciting and demanding areas to work in occupational psychology.  This workshop will equip participants to analyse prevailing organisation culture, and decide and make the business case for initiating and leading culture and behaviour change.   

Provisional timetable

09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a break for lunch)
17:00 Workshop ends


The workshop will start with a brief refresher about what we mean by organisation culture and its impact on business performance. After that we will familiarise ourselves with two contrasting frameworks for understanding and diagnosing culture. Participants will then use these to diagnose an organisation with which they are familiar, and begin to pull together different types of data they have about the organisation and use it to create a case for culture change. We will explore some of the quantitative and qualitative issues involved in making a business case for culture change, and working in action learning groups participants will explore the evidence they have to justify a culture change intervention.

The workshop will briefly consider some tried and tested approaches for changing organisation culture, including Appreciative Inquiry, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Talent Management and the Psychological Contract.  Each will be backed up by practical case studies from the workshop leader’s experience. 

The final part of the workshop will explore the complex roles a culture change consultant is required to fulfil to successfully lead and facilitate culture change.  

The workshop will provide many opportunities for participants to share their perceptions, organisation experiences and ideas, and relate these to best theory and practice. It is aimed at qualified psychologists who want to start or have recently started working in the area of culture and behaviour change.  Participants with over 2 years practical work experience as a consultant psychologist will gain most from this workshop. 

Participants will also gain more from the workshop if they have read Edgar Schein ‘Organisational Culture & Leadership’ or Cameron & Quinn ‘Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture’.

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • Understand how employee behaviour and culture impact business performance
  • Learn how to use two different models of organisation culture to understand, diagnose and evaluate the culture of an organisation
  • Find out how to use employee, organisation and business data to diagnose organisation culture gaps and target and make the business case for culture change
  • Explore different culture change methods including Appreciate Inquiry, Leadership Development & Coaching, the Psychological Contract and Performance Management
  • Find out about and reflect on the complex role of the culture change consultant

Facilitator: Michael Wellin CPsychol AFBPsS

Michael is a highly experienced occupational psychologist who works to improves business performance and make organisations better places to work in.   He has particular expertise in the areas of employee engagement, organisation and culture change, and leadership development. He has a track record of designing and leading successful interventions in organisations and has developed many innovative practical methods to help organisations achieve their goals, including a framework of Board Behaviours, an approach to managing our careers, and most recently in the use of the Psychological Contract to implement culture change.  His book ‘Managing the Psychological Contract’ was published by Gower, which has been acclaimed by experts in the US and UK.  Michael speaks regularly at psychology and HR conferences.

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