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Cross-language and cross-cultural assessment in dementia

18 May 2018 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
This event is for Division of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of the Psychology of Older People (FPOP) members. Registration is required. Please see the Pricing tab for more information.
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With Matthew Chester Jones

In this workshop, we consider the new challenges that face English-speaking and Western-European neuropsychologists in their assessment of clients who do not speak English and/or who originate from different cultures.  We will consider

  • critical perspectives on neuropsychological models and testing approaches, and thus

  • issues raised for patients who have limited or no English language,

  • issues raised for cross-cultural examination, and

  • consider suggestions for good practice in assessment across culture/language with a focus on work with older adults and the assessment of dementia.

Being brought up within a particular culture shapes our way of thinking and our cognitive abilities in particular ways, yet many of the large normative data sets for neuropsychological assessment are not representative of people from minorities ethnic groups and/or who have English as a secondary language.  The workshop will help psychologists consider how to take into account linguistic and cultural differences to arrive at an appropriately reliable and qualified opinion when assessing for dementia. This knowledge will help ensure older adults from diverse communities to receive diagnoses in a timely and reliable manner.

Please note that lunch is not included. However you can book to have a buffet lunch at the venue at a cost of £6.50 per person, which will be payable on the day to the venue. If you wish to take up this option you will need to select the lunch option on the registration form.

If you do not wish to take up this option then you will need to make your own arrangements regarding lunch. Please note that the venue does not allow people to bring their own food onto the premises that hasn't been provided by their own kitchen. 

Please see the programme tab for further information

No.4 Clifton Village @ The Rodney Hotel,
4 Rodney Place,

Event Location: 


09:30 Registration and refreshments
10:00 Neuropsychological models and approaches to interpretation
10:45 Cross-language issues in cognitive assessment

Cross-cultural issues in cognitive assessment

12:30 Lunch (provided)

Strategies for cross-language and cross-cultural assessment

15:00 Case studies and practice materials
16:00 Q&A
16:30 Finish

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  1. A critical perspective on neuropsychological models and testing approaches, how language, experience and cultural factors effect performance on cognitive assessment as typically used in older adult and memory assessment services;
  2. an understanding of the issues raised for cross-language assessment,
  3. an understanding of the issues raised for cross-cultural assessment,
  4. strategies for undertaking cross-language/culture assessment in clinical practice with people from diverse linguistic and cultural groups;
  5. strategies for integrating cross-language and cross-cultural factors into neuropsychological interpretation and formulation.


Dr Jones Chesters has developed several cognitive test sets for use with older adults from non-UK groups (e.g., Polish, Sylheti-Bengali, Urdu, Panjabi, Arabic etc.) with norms based on community-dwelling older adults in London.  Dr Jones Chesters provides these materials free-of-charge to NHS clinical psychologists who have undertaken the workshop, on request.

Who can attend?

This is a free event for members of Division of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of the Psychology of Older People (FPOP) only.

Registration information

Clicking on the register button will take you to the BPS online Shop - please sign in using your usual BPS membership number and password.

Once you have signed in, click on this event to register and you should be able to complete the form and add to basket.

If you have any queries regarding this event please contact Member Network Services, quoting 'FPOP-Dementia-May18' at:

Alternatively telephone during office hours on +44 (0) 116 252 9515 stating the name and date of the event.


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