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Postgraduate Workshop

The Topics for the Postgraduate Workshop will be:

1. Research dissemination
2. Enterprise in research: Entrepreneurship
3. Getting funding, small and big: Research grants and bursaries.
4. Structuring and writing your Thesis


Jim Hartley, Keele University
New developments in academic writing.

There are several useful texts on how to write academic text.  In this session I shall discuss some newer developments of relevance to the writing of theses and academic articles.  These will include different types of title, traditional versus structured abstracts, flow charts in method sections, and possibly text tables and bulleted conclusions. Examples will be provided based on recent articles and questions welcomed.
Hartley, J. (2012)  New ways of making academic articles easier to read.  International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 12, 1, 143-160
Mario Weick, University of Kent
Research assessments, tuition fees, and funding cuts: A situated perspective on how to get a job in academia.
Getting the foot into academia has never been easy, but the current situation in Higher Education can give rise to despair. In the aftermath of a global debt crisis institutions have to adjust to new tuition fee regimes and ever increasing restrictions on recruitment imposed by the government. At the same time, many early career researchers are left with empty hands following recent changes in the funding provision of the research councils. As if this wasn’t enough, the forthcoming research assessment exercise (REF) overshadows hiring decisions like the sword of Domacles. In this workshop we will discuss the implications of these recent developments for postdoc routes into academia. In so doing, we will review different pathways and funding options that are available for postgraduates striving for a career in academia. Overall, the goal of this workshop is to offer postgraduate students up-to-date advice on how to survive the postdoc period and secure a job in academia.
Jenna Condie, Salford University

An enterprising future for social psychology postgraduates

Being entrepreneurial is fast becoming an integral part of the modern academic’s role,particularly within today’s economic climate with funding cuts and the emerging concept of the ‘entrepreneurial university’ (Rae et al., 2009).  Increasingly postgraduates are being encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills within teaching, learning, research, and commercial activities.  This workshop aims to develop your enterprise skills within the context of social psychology, and demonstrate the potential of taking an entrepreneurial approach in everything you do.

The workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges of being an enterprising social psychology postgraduate.  We will start by busting some of the myths around enterprise and exploring the entrepreneurial landscape - it is much more than business start-ups and commercialising your research.  The workshop will comprise of fun, interactive, exercises in the attempt to boost ideas generation, creativity and innovation.  As a group, we will also identify the key characteristics of a successful ‘entrepreneur’ and apply them to the world of social psychology.  We will finish by each creating our own ‘mini-strategy’ to direct and inform our next moves, projects and collaborations.  Whether your future lies within or outside of academia, enterprise and psychology can go hand in hand.

The workshop will be facilitated by Jenna Condie.  Jenna is a Lecturer in Psychology and Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Salford.  For more information, visit her blog ‘Entreprademic’  Twitter ID: @jennacondie

Sarah-Louise Quinnell, King's College London

Abstract to follow shortly