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We are pleased to announce that you can now download the conference programme below:

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“Our conference programme is subject to change at any point before or during the conference itself. We are unable to accept responsibility for changes made which are outside of our control.”



Programme & Keynotes

Professor Alex Haslam
Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology, University of Queensland
The new psychology of leadership: From theory to practice






Professor Alice Eagly
Professor of Psychology & Management & Organizations
James Padilla Chair of Arts and Science, Northwestern University, USA
Women As Leaders: Negotiating the Labyrinth






Professor Keith Grint
Professor of Public Leadership, OBIR, Warwick Business School, UK
Leadership: Investing in the Past or the Future?







Professor Jo Silvester
Professor of Psychology, Cass Business School, City University London
Searching for good politicians - how can psychology help us find them?






Dr. Paul Flaxman
Director, Organisational Psychology/Behaviour MScs, City University London
Recent Models of Psychological Health Applied in the Workplace: A Research Journey into Perfectionism, Perseverative Cognition, and Acceptance-Based Therapy


JOOP Publication Session
Keen on publishing but not quite sure of the daunting journey ahead? How about submitting a draft of your intended paper in advance and receiving feedback during the Publication Session at the DOP Conference 2014. Professor Jonathon Halbesleben, Editor of the Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology (JOOP), will provide direct feedback on your paper. To be considered, authors will need to complete the application form along with a copy of your paper to [email protected] by 1st December 2013 along with a brief application. Participation in this session does not ensure publication in JOOP; however, authors may be encouraged by the editor to submit their work for consideration.

6 Secrets to Better Networking at Conferences

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the 2013 DOP conference. The programme was really well put together – if anything there was too much to go to. The quality of the presenters was very high, and there were some great opportunities for people at all career levels to develop their networks. In the past when I’ve attended, I’ve sometimes felt that the programme lacked an academic presence, but this was certainly not the case this year, and I particularly liked the fact that the key note speakers stayed for the duration of the conference. The Leeds students who attended from our MSc programme also had a really valuable experience, and all fed back to us afterwards, what a good use of their time it was. ‘ Helen Hughes, MSc Organizational Psychology Course Director, Leeds University Business School