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Ambassador Programme


Want to expand your professional network with introductions to influential players in the industry? Then join our Conference Ambassador Programme.

Our exciting new programme will match you with a Conference Ambassador who will introduce you to their network, an easy and effective way for you to gain access to the networking communities that are such an important part of the conference experience.

Our Conference Ambassador Programme has been especially designed to make sure each delegate feels welcomed to the conference and able to make those vital contacts with others at the conference who have shared interests.

Alternatively, if you are an experienced conference goer and would like to be an ambassador, simply Click Here

As part of our warm welcome for attendees to the DOP Annual Conference, we are extending an invitation for participants to join the Conference Ambassador programme.

This programme will allow DOP conference attendees ("Ambassadees") to select seasoned DOP conference attendees ("Ambassadors"). The goal is to help the Ambassadee network with fellow professionals and provide a better overall conference experience for all.

An Ambassadee is:

 *   A first time DOP conference attendee or someone who has attended before and wants to expand their network.
 *   Someone who is motivated to make the most of their conference experience, committed to communicating and meeting with their Ambassador, and appreciative of the time that Ambassador devotes to them.

An Ambassador is:

 *   A DOP professional member interested in helping other DOP conference attendees make the most out of their experience.
 *   Someone who can explain how to get more involved in DOP (e.g. joining committees; submitting proposals for the DOP conference; participating in social events, etc.).

Participation as an Ambassador involves only minimal effort, including the following:

 *   Connect with the Ambassadee (you may have up to 3) at least once prior to the annual conference via e-mail or phone.
 *   Meet with the Ambassadee at least once on-site at the conference (coffee, a drink, whatever you prefer).
 *   Help the Ambassadee network at the conference by introducing him or her to some of your colleagues.

Why Should You Volunteer?

 *   The Conference Ambassador Programme is flexible and you and your Ambassadee can work out the particulars so it works with (not against) your schedules.

 *   You may have just the right professional interests that make you a perfect match for another conference attendee. We need individuals with varying backgrounds to allow for ‘best fit’.
 *   The Ambassador Programme also allows you to share your expertise with an Ambassadee and to foster new professional relationships.


It is as simple as that! You can sign up to be an Ambassador (DOP professional member and 2 or more years attending DOP conference) or an Ambassadee (first time at conference or keen to make more contacts) by Clicking Here