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Nov 21
 Welcome to Psychology4Students 2017!
Dec 6
Welcome to Psychology4Graduates2017!
Jan 10
The DECP Annual Conference 2018 is preceded by our Trainee Education Psychologist (TEP) Event. The DECP Trainee Educational Psychologists' Conference enables newly qualified EPs and those in training to disseminate their research findings.
Jan 11
The 2018 conference will address issues focusing on developing sense of well-being and belonging in our schools, and how schools and participating in education can support or affect the mental health of all children, and the staff that work in and support our schools.
Mar 22
Welcome to the NIBPS 2018 Annual Conference. We are delighted to be returning to the hugely popular venue of The Ballymascanlon House Hotel, Dundalk for a 3rd year.This year’s conference is themed [bold]Psychology and Identity[/bold] with many sub themes as follows:
May 2
Moving Psychology Forward