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Programme & Keynotes

Our draft programme timetable is now available to download


Introducing our keynotes for 2013:

Professor Robin Dunbar
Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, University of Oxford

"Why Facebook won't get you any more friends"




Professor Peter Fonagy
University College London

"Using what we know about the ways children learn so we deliver high value clinical services: what works for CAMHS?


Professor Susan Gathercole
Director, Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge.

"Childhood disorders of working memory: causes, consequences and treatment"


Professor Alex Haslam

Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology, University of Queensland

"Re-writing the lessons of social psychology's classic studies: Not mindless conformity but identified followership"


Dr Karen Kitchener
University of Denver 

"Research Implications for Learning Ethics:  Emotion, Cognition and Action"

Dr Kitchener's presentation