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BPS Psychology of Sexualities 20th Anniversary Conference 1998-2018: Reflecting Back, Looking Forwards

05 July 2018 - 06 July 2018 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Registration is required. See Pricing tab for more information.
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Please note times are subject to change as the programme as yet to be finalised

The event will celebrate twenty years since the Psychology of Sexualities Section was founded.

There will be keynote speeches from some of the leading practitioners and researchers in the field and a look back at the history of the Section from current and former chairs.

You will have the chance to share your work with other researchers and practitioners working in the area of sexualities, gender and relationships (please note that you do not need to be a member of the Society to submit a workshop proposal or presentation abstract or attend the conference.)

We welcome submissions for workshop sessions, oral presentations, Pecha Kucha style five-minute oral presentations, and poster presentations from student, academic and practitioner psychologists. The environment is friendly and supportive.

Presentation abstracts will be published as conference proceedings in a subsequent issue of the Section publication, Psychology of Sexualities Review.

Suggestions for topics include but are not limited to:

  • LGBTQ+ (GSRD) experiences, identities, relationships, communities and health

  • Non - Monogamies

  • Sexual fluidity

  • Asexuality

  • Representation and marginalisation of LGBTQ+ identities (e.g., heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, in media, politics, healthcare, professional settings)

  • Feminist, queer and other critical approaches to Sexualities

Psychology of Sexualities Section Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Section's AGM will take place at 1pm on Friday 6 July 2018 (during the lunchbreak), section members are particulary encouraged to attend that day. 

BPS London Office,
30 Tabernacle Street,

Nearest tubes: Moorgate (Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith and City and Northern (City branch) lines) and Old St (Northern Line (City branch)).

The conference does not have any preferred accommodation but there are many hotels in the immediate vicinity of the conference venue, here are some of the closest:


Event Location: 

Submitting your proposal for a workshop

Your proposal should be a maximum of 500 words in length. It should not include references and should be written mainly in the future tense (e.g. “Participants will…”).

Proposals should incorporate the following information:

  • A general outline of the background to the area including any psychological theory that underpins the submission.
  • An indication of the activities that participants will be invited to engage in.
  • How long the workshop will take (please no more than one hour and ideally thirty minutes).
  • An indication of the intended benefits and/or learning outcomes of the session.
  • Any prerequisites in terms of knowledge or experience required and any preparatory work that participants could or should do.
  • A short description of the facilitator’s expertise.

You will also be asked to give the following information:

  • Any room or equipment requirements (this will not be published)

If any of these are not applicable to your proposal please leave them blank or write N/A on the online submission form.

The submission deadline is midnight on Sunday 29 April 2018

Submitting your abstract for a presentation

The abstract should be 200 - 250 words in length. It should not include references and should be written in either the past or present tense.

Abstracts should incorporate the following headings and information:

  • Objectives: State the primary objective of the paper and the major hypothesis tested or research question posed.
  • Design: Describe the design of the study and the rationale for the procedures adopted (if appropriate).
  • Methods: Describe how participants were selected and number of participants (if documentary data used, state how these were selected), materials employed (if appropriate), methods of data collection and analysis.
  • Results: Include numerical and/or textual data.  This should be kept to a minimum. For qualitative analyses briefly describe your findings (eg, themes, categories, discourses identified).
  • Conclusions: State the conclusions that can be drawn from the study, including theoretical, methodological, or applied/policy implications as appropriate and any key limitations of the study.

(If any of these headings are not applicable to your work please leave them blank or write N/A on the online submission form.)

The submission deadline is midnight on Sunday 29 April 2018.

Presentation and workshop guidelines

  • Oral presentations will be for 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes for questioning. 
  • Posters should be A1 size (841 mm (h) x 594 mm (w)) and in portrait orientation.
  • Pecha Kucha style oral presentations should be five minutes long.

Workshop lengths are flexible, please feel free to specify as long as you feel appropriate. If you have room or equipment requirements you will be asked to communicate these when you submit your proposal.

Additional requirements for all submissions:

Submissions must also include explicit confirmation that the convenor and authors/co-authors understand and adhere to the Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. You do not need to be a member of the Society to submit a proposal.

Further submission information

Authors of all material submitted must confirm adherence to the British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

2 Day Attendance (General) £180
2 Day Attendance (Section member) £150
2 Day Attendance (student/Concessions) £110
1 Day Attendance (General) £95
1 Day Attendance (Section member) £80
1 Day Attendance (Student/Concessions) £60
Conference Dinner (three course meal) £35

The section committee is committed to making the conference as inclusive as possible.

If you are able to volunteer with the Conference for half or a full day, then you can attend a morning/afternoon session for free.

To qualify for this you will need to be a Psychology of Sexualities Member. To volunteer for the Conference and receive a fee reduction please email Christine Campbell.

If you have any queries regarding this event please contact Christine Campbell, quoting 'PoS-Jul18', at:



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