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Apr 27
The benefits of experiential learning, and how to do it effectively…without turning it into GCSE drama!
Apr 27
Event information Dimitrios will explore how your psychology affects the way you react to the worlkd around you.
Apr 28
Find out why suicide is more prevalent in men and to learn how you can improve male help-seeking make your therapy more male-friendly
Apr 29
Like their clients, practitioners are often up against the habitual, the conditioned and may to a greater or lesser extent be operating from well-developed habits of thinking, some of which may not serve them well in life or work.
May 03
The workshop is an intensive one day ‘how to do CBT for OCD’ focused workshop in the use of CBT strategies for Primarily Obsessional ‘Pure O’ subtypes of OCD, with particular focus on those clients presenting with horrific, unwanted and intrusive
May 05
Setting up or working in private practice? This workshop covers the challenges and pitfalls of working as an independent practitioner. Timetable
May 06
Understanding traumatic loss existentially and using phenomenology in clinical practice to work therapeutically with traumatically bereaved clients. Timetable
May 06
An opportunity for practitioners to revise, update and enhance their MI communication style to motivate and increase confidence in health behaviour change. Timetable
May 09
This workshop is an introduction to using personal construct psychology (PCP) to elicit, explore, understand and explain the views of children and young people. Timetable
May 10
Re-visioning Mental Health through Coproduction.  A joint conference of ISPS-UK and PCMH Faculty
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