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Feb 03
Event information Registration09:45 – 10:00am
Feb 03
The theme for this year’s conference is how evidence based therapy and welfare support will fare in a climate of austerity. As ever our line up of keynote speakers is unrivalled.
Feb 04
Learn how the Expert Witness Report is the foundation of Expert Witness work and how it should meet the court’s expectations. Timetable
Feb 08
Mindful Eating is a transformative approach to helping people change their relationship to food and manage unruly eating habits in a sustainable and healthy way. Timetable
Feb 08
Event information Introduction and Welcome
Feb 10
This workshop will prepare participants to work with offenders who have intellectual disability (ID). The workshop will cover the definition, diagnosis and clinical presentation of people with intellectual disability in order to equip part
Feb 15
A critical look at the dominant discourses surrounding refugee and asylum seeking people and their responses to adversity Timetable
Feb 16
The role of social change in applied Psychological practice. Develop strategies for integrating activism and policy work into your practice and reflect on the journey of becoming an 'activist-practitioner'. Timetable
Feb 17
People make change happen so here’s how to engage your people and help them deliver real change effectively. This workshop will help managers deploy change initiatives more effectively and efficiently.
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