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Mar 09
Offers the practitioner an in-depth look at the therapeutic encounter, primarily through the lens of the presenters’ recent research and clinical experience. Timetable
Mar 10
Stroke is one of the biggest causes of disability in the developed world. It affects in excess 100,000 people in the UK each year.
Mar 11
All A Level , Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students are invited to attend a Day of Clinical Psychology Careers covering the route to training and specialisms in Learning Disability, Adult Mental Health, Working with Children, Clinical Health Ps
Mar 17
Event overview:Mark Linington will present work on different styles of attachment and consider the implications for clinical work. He will explore the links between these attachment styles and ways of responding to trauma.
Mar 18
Who is the course intended for? Psychologists and health professionals interested in the psychological problems faced by military personnel transiting from military back into civilian life.
Mar 20
Where will clinical psychology be in 2025?How will our roles look different in ten years’ time? What are some of the opportunities that lie ahead and what are some of the challenges? 
Mar 20
Learn how to choose, interpret and use psychometric assessments as an Expert Witness in court. Timetable
Mar 20
This workshop reminds us of how supervisors and supervisees develop and how our approach to supervision should be adapted accordingly. The responsibilities of the supervisor are defined.
Mar 21
This is an annual event offering final year students from across the region an opportunity to present their dissertation findings to other students.  This is a friendly open environment in which to talk to like-minded individuals, practice pr
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